How we drive businesses to the competitive edge:

At i2W, we are not merely concerned with creating awareness of our clients’ businesses but transforming them into a brand that will be the rule of the online world and not the exception.


If you are looking to establish an online presence that will make you stand out in your local community, then look no further.
Needing to target your neighborhood, city, county, or even metropolitan area? i2W will provide optimized content that will target potential consumers in the area that you specify.

By creating content focused locally, this ensures reaching a larger customer base in your area while minimizing the number of visitors outside your local area who are unlikely to be converted into customers.


While most of the tactics involved in growing a business locally are employed here as well, marketing to a national audience is more complex and more competitive.

We will provide strategies and content that will drive your business to the top of national rankings and close the gap on geographical limitations.

No matter how dynamic the audience may be, i2W has helped many national companies realize their full potential and be identified as a standard in their country.


For companies seeking to sell their goods and service online, the sky is the limit.

Although, in this eCommerce saturated climate having what it takes to compete is increasingly difficult.

i2W has experience in what it takes to capture and increase relevant traffic to your site, and convert that traffic into buying customers.


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What are our clients are saying about us?

I just had my first hour of consultancy, you all need to do this.

1. I feel so much clearer in my business
2. my goals are set
3. I actually feel really, really good about myself.

Im quite a headstrong person, confident and I know my stuff, but sometime you have got to listen; and I did.
In just one hour, Im predicting Jonathan Kiekbusch has just helped me increase my yearly revenue by £50k 
Now, I work on my own, that's a lot of money.
None of the help was pipe dream bullshit, he asked me questions, understood my business and showed me the reality of where I am and where I can be.

David Poole

CEO, Poole Associates

We handle all of your Digital Marketing

From research and planning, to execution! No matter if social media or organic SEO, we've got you covered!


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