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The key to any successful and growing business is optimising your online content to increase traffic to your website with the goal of converting visitors to long standing customers. For local business owners who are looking to put geographical boundaries on the selling of their goods and services, however, it can be slightly more complicated.

Does My Local Business Really Need Digital Marketing and SEO?

The honest answer is “Yes, it absolutely does.” And here's why...

85% of consumers start their hunt for local businesses with an online search engine.

80% of those searching online don’t move past the first page of search results.

The vast majority of consumers now trust online reviews as much or more than word of mouth.

Even if you are a simple local shop, if you want to be found by those who are looking to purchase your products or services, you need to have a competitive online presence. But you need your online efforts to target your ideal, local client, not someone searching for similar services who lives hours away. At i2W, we know exactly how to optimize your online presence to target your ideal customers and prep them for conversion.

What We Do

While using general content that focuses on your specific business will certainly help your company stand out in a general sense, only content optimised to what local consumers are looking for, as well as content that takes advantage of map and geographic listings, will give you the local focus you need. Here are some ways we help develop local content for our clients:

Locally Focused SEOi2W will provide the most applicable content to your local targeted audience. By utilising geographically and demographically focused keywords and phrases, we will maximize your online traffic while filtering traffic outside your local area.

Guest Posts & OutreachLike link building, we have exclusive partnerships built with already trusted local sites who enjoy first page status on top search engines. This allows us to link your content to these sites and increase local awareness of your business. By exploiting social media platforms, local online promotion services, and enhancing your content’s public relations appeal, we will transform your well-marketed business into a local lime-lighted brand.

Keeping Your Content Fresh: Through our expert team of copywriters, you will enjoy constantly renewed and maintained content that will prevent your page from becoming stagnant and irrelevant. We will also make sure new content employs the latest and greatest keywords and phrases to keep your online business updated with the most organic SEO.

Keyword and Search Analysis: We will analyse and identify what keywords and phrases your local community is using in an online search. Using that information, we i2W will create content that will drive local consumers to your site and convert them to customers and clients.

Exploit Indexed Pages: We will analyse the health of your site by seeing how many times Google and other search engines have indexed its pages. If there are any problems, we will optimise your sites content to increase your indexed pages.

Site Auditing Services: By analysing your site’s content and search engine rankings, we will identify successful ways forward in transforming your online footprint and driving traffic back to your site. Auditing allows us to work with you in building a strategy that will bring your services to first page status.


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What are our clients are saying about us?

I just had my first hour of consultancy, you all need to do this.

1. I feel so much clearer in my business
2. my goals are set
3. I actually feel really, really good about myself.

Im quite a headstrong person, confident and I know my stuff, but sometime you have got to listen; and I did.
In just one hour, Im predicting Jonathan Kiekbusch has just helped me increase my yearly revenue by £50k 
Now, I work on my own, that's a lot of money.
None of the help was pipe dream bullshit, he asked me questions, understood my business and showed me the reality of where I am and where I can be.

David Poole

CEO, Poole Associates

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